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Garry Jr., My Sunshine

Deb J
January 17, 2003

Garry L Jones Jr. came into this world in the spring, May 7th 1978. He was our 1st born and is our only son. He weighed 7 lb. 10 oz. and was 19 and a half inches long! He was my sunshine! Such a good natured baby and really loving!

I was 16 when we got married and Garry Sr. was only 18 and still in high school, so my dad said we could just live there. Of course Garry Jr. was the 1st. grandbaby so he ran the house! Everyone loved him so dearly. 18 months later Garry Jr. became a big brother to a new baby sister, Julie, whom he called Boo-Boo.

We found our 1st place across the street form my folks , of course being so young and Julie having problems, my dad said just leave him here, you've got your hands full with Julie. We knew he was right so like he said it was just across the street. I came every day to spend special time with him even spent special nights just him and me. This went on for about 3 yr.

At that time my husband lost his job. He worked for Caterpillar, which was a bad lay off and we lost everything we had. At the same time Garry Jr. needed his tonsils taken out of course we had no money or insurance to get this done. So my dad said he could get him on his only if we gave them Guardianship for medical only. That was the hardest thing I ever thought I'd have to do.

I was told whenever we wanted it back all we would have to do is say so and it would be done. Which never happened. Each year I'd pray maybe this year. I even had a room for him here with pictures of him on most of the walls. I just kept trying and spending time with him. Finally at his 17th birthday I realized only one more year and then he's back to being my son. I'd have to say that birthday was one the happiest days of my life.

Garry Jr. loved baseball cards, baseball, and skate boarding like all young ones do. He even played freshman football. I went to all his games. He was a great student in school always on the honor or merit roll. His feelings got hurt easy. He was just kind and very tender hearted like momma, that's what he always called me.

He had some bad luck with women in his life. He met his 1st child’s mother when he was in his last year of high school which he dropped out because of working. Later he went back and ended up with his GED but his dream was to be a lawyer and he had the grades to have gotten there. But with a baby now it wouldn't work.

He later met Brandi who he loved dearly they had a little boy named Dylan. Garry Jr. was on cloud nine the day Dylan was born! They had hard times and others would get into their problem which caused even more trouble.

May 0f 2000 Brandi left him for her step uncle by marriage which this ripped out his heart and she filed for divorce. She'd lie and tell him she was coming home. Then a few days before Christmas she called to tell him he couldn’t see Dylan for Christmas, which broke his heart. So young and dumb he went out drinking and got a DUI. With this of course that gave them what they needed to make him have supervised visits. In March of 2003 their marriage ended. He joined the navy reserves and was working full time at a collection agency trying to put his life back together.

On July 9th he got a heart breaking call from Brandi's dad. Brandi had an asthma attack and died. He called only moments latter sobbing. I couldn't understand what he was saying, so I went over to my moms where he lived at the time. It broke my heart seeing him, and he said he would wait until after her services to go get his son so her family could have their time with Dylan. While they were suppose to be making their daughter's arrangements they were at a lawyers getting temp. guardianship.

When he went to get him is when he found out what they had done. He was so-so hurt and upset he said, “I'm not going to lose Dylan again”. His Lawyer told him don't worry it'll be going to court soon and we'll get Dylan for you. So he worked over time to be able to get his own place and we moved him in Aug 10th so all he was waiting for was his son to come home.

Aug 12th Garry jr. came by to see me like he always did every night. We we're close and there were wall pieces we had to put up on his walls. I was in a bad mood that day, Julie had given me a rough time that day. I'll never forget he was so-so happy and said Momma I'm your strong one now. He and my mom left to go to her house and I was going be over in a hour.

He was laying on the couch said he had a bad headache. He had met another girl, he and she had a fight, and he had been up all night and then he had went on to work too. He asked my mom to take him to his apartment which she did. That was the last time I saw my son.

Later that night about 9:00 I called him at his apartment. We talked a little while and he was singing to me buy me a rose. He said he couldn't get a hold of his girlfriend that she was gone. This would have been her 1st time to go to his place since he moved in and the 1st time for her to be at his place.

My mom talked to him around 2:30 when he called to tell my mom not to worry that he was fine and the car was fine, she loaned it to them, and for her to call his job and let them know he'd be in on second around 12:30 AM. We were told that he and the girl were sitting on his patio drinking and some neighbor from up stairs passed by and said hi. Everything seemed fine. The apartment above his said they heard loud voices around 4:00 and that girls supposedly went for a walk at 4:50.

The paper carrier found Garry Jr. hanging by his neck with a belt by a hook on the balcony above his. The man who found him was a deaf mute. My son was still alive but the man had to go get in his car and go to the police station to get help. By then it was too late to save him but they tried.

At 6;00 that same girl can to my house with her mother. I answered my door to her mother and that’s when the lady said, “Mam your son's gone.” I said, “No, he's at home”. Then the girl came running screaming, “He's dead, he's dead, I'm sorry”.

I got my husband up right away to call the police, figured it was a mistake cause this girl has problems. The police said to stay there. A few minutes later 2 men walked up our driveway and asked if we're the Jones's. We said yes. They showed us Garry Jr.'s ID and asked, “Is this your son?” We said yes. The corner then introduce himself and said, “I just pronounced him dead”. They couldn’t tell us anything but that he was hung. They let the girl go until the next day to question her. See she was up stars with 2 others guys.

I'll never really know what happened. Garry would always call us if he had a problem. There was no note or anything. He must have gave up hope! Garry Jr. was just not strong enough for this mean old world. All he'd ever say is why can't anyone love me?

If he could have only seen we all loved him Dearly!


Submitted by:
Garry Jr.'s Mom
05/07/78 - 08/13/02